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Did you know 1st May is 10 years to the day since smoke alarms became law across NSW… and… most smoke alarms don’t last 10 years.

It’s the law to have at least one working smoke alarm installed on every level of your home. This includes owner occupied homes, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans and camper-vans or any other residential building where people sleep.

It’s up to you to protect your family and your home.

What is the law?


outdated 10-year-old smoke alarms with the latest photoelectric smoke alarms.

Shopping to replace your smoke alarm

Smoke Alarm Buyers Guide

Where do I install them?

In addition to the minimum requirement of one smoke alarm per level, Fire & Rescue NSW recommends installing smoke alarms in all rooms where people sleep and the hallways leading to sleeping areas.

Avoid fitting smoke alarms in or near your kitchen or bathroom. bedroom

The ideal position is on the ceiling between sleeping and living areas.

Use the plans below as a guide.

Single floor plan

single-minSmoke alarms for minimum legal requirement.

single-additionalSmoke alarms for recommended protection.


Multi-level floor plan

multi-min Smoke alarms for minimum legal requirement.

multi-additional Smoke alarms for recommended protection.


How do I install them?

Smoke Alarm Installation Guide


the risk of fire destroying your life by maintaining your smoke alarm and creating a home escape plan

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Guide

Home Escape Plan


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