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Vaccinate Without delayto help keep disease at bay

The Facts
Vaccines provide the best protection if they are completed on time. Delaying vaccination when your little one is feeling off colour is a normal response. But the truth is, even if they have a runny nose or slight cold they can still receive
their shot. Timely vaccination is the best way to protect your child from serious diseases.

Why Vaccinate

  • Vaccination is the best way to protect your child from serious disease.
  • By vaccinating you are protecting your child as well as the broader community.
  • The more people who vaccinate their children, the greater our ability to control serious vaccine preventable diseases.

When to vaccinate
The NSW Immunisation Schedule recommends that children are vaccinated at the following ages:

  • Birth
  • 6–8 Weeks
  • 4 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 18 Months
  • 3½–4 Years

It is important to vaccinate your child on time.

So book ahead, make an appointment with your doctor or immunisation service provider and save the date to vaccinate.

Side effects
Vaccines are safe and effective. The benefits of immunisation far outweigh any risks. However, like other medicines, a vaccine can sometimes cause side effects. These are usually mild and short-lasting and involve pain, swelling and redness at the injection site. Serious side effects are very rare.
If you have any concerns about possible side effects, speak to your doctor or immunisation service provider.

Keeping records
You will need to provide records of your child’s immunisations for child care, preschool and for school enrolment. Contact the Immunisation
Register on 1800 653 809 to obtain an Immunisation History Statement.

Where to vaccinate
Vaccinations are provided by:

  • GPs
  • Aboriginal Medical Services
  • Some local councils
  • Some community health centres

If you are unsure about what services are available in your area, you can contact your nearest Public Health Unit on 1300
066 055

Save the date to vaccinate (PDF)


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