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Children nowadays are getting more adventurous and open to trying out big toys that were previously only available for adults.  But since the kids really don’t know much about the realities of being a responsible driver, it’s your duty as an adult to educate your kids about safety tips to avoid accidents and injuries.  After all, bike riding should be fun and enjoyable.
There are some guidelines and tips you can give your kids regarding the practice of safety measures when riding bikes.

  • First, you can teach your kids to always wear protective clothing and gear to protect them from harm and injuries.  Getting the right accessories and proper riding apparel is something you mustn’t skimp on, as these are good investments to ensure your kid’s safety.
  • Instill responsible riding in your child. Before you allow your child to ride bikes, you might consider teaching them the basics of driving, as well as some rules. This is to inculcate responsible riding even at a young age.
  • Prepare your child for emergencies.  In case something goes wrong or your child gets injured, it helps to teach him or her about basic first aid.
  • Always remind your child that there are some rules concerning where he is allowed to ride and where he is not.  Accidents can happen if your kid takes his bike on public roads like streets or parks.  In some areas, riding on these roads is illegal, so inform your kid on where he can take his bike to avoid harm from coming your way.
  • Since most kids are adventurous, they most likely want to explore the terrain with their bikes.  That’s why it helps to teach your kid to memorise your phone number and address, which is extremely helpful if he gets lost.  In the first place, go over the area with your child first, so he or she becomes familiar with it as much as possible.

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